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Thursday, April 26

  1. page What's Love Got To Do With It? edited ... unmitigated monogamy." {marriage.jpg} {marriage.jpg} "We have done this thro…
    unmitigated monogamy." {marriage.jpg}

    "We have done this through the poets and novelists by persuading the humans that a curious, and usually shortlived, experience which they call 'being in love' is the only respectable ground for marriage; that marriage can, and ought to, render this excitement permanent; and that a marriage which does not do so is no longer binding."
    {zfamily.jpg} "...He introduces into matter that obscene invention the organism, in which the parts are perverted from their natural destiny of competition and made to cooperate...thus producing the Family, which is like the organism, only worse; for the members are more distinct, yet also united in a more conscious and responsible way."
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Monday, April 23

  1. page Gluttony of Delicacy edited {zsteak.jpg} "One "One of the "...gluttony of Delicacy, not gluttony of Exces…
    {zsteak.jpg} "One
    of the
    "...gluttony of Delicacy, not gluttony of Excess."
    "But what do quantities matter, provided we can use a human belly and palate to produce querulousness, impatience, uncharitableness, and self-concern?"
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