"Success here depends on confusing him."

"...[the chink in the young woman's armour] consists in a quite untroubled assumption that the outsiders who do not share this belief are really too stupid and ridiculous."

"He is anxious (indeed the Enemy commands him) to imitate this quality. Can you get him to imitate this defect in his mistress and to exagerate it until what was venial in her becomes in him the strongest and most beautiful of the vices - Spiritual Pride?"
"He thinks that he likes their talk and way of life because of some congruity between their spiritual state and his, when in fact they are so far beyond him that if he were not in love he would be merely puzzled and repelled by much which he now accepts. He is like a dog which should imagine it understood fire-arms because its hunting instinct and love for its master enable it to enjoy a day's shooting!"

"...you must make him feel that he is finding his own level...When he turns from them to other society he will find it dull...You must teach him to mistake this contrast between the circle that delights and the circle that bores him for the contrast between Christians and unbelievers."