"For a long time it will be quite impossible to remove spirituality from his life. Very well then; we must corrupt it."

"We thus distract men's minds from who He is, and what He did. We first make Him solely a teacher, and tJesus_as_Teacher_Ico.jpghen conceal the very substantial agreement between His teachings and those of other great moral teachers. For humans must not be allowed to notice that all great moralists are sent by the Enemy not to inform men but to remind them..."

"...destroy the devotional life. For the real presence of the Enemy, otherwise experienced by men in prayer and sacrament, we substitute a merely probable, remote, shadowy, and uncouth figure, one who spoke a strange language and died a long time ago."
"The earliest converts were converted by a single historical fact (the Resurrection) and a single theological doctrine (the Redemption)...The 'Gospels' come later and were written not to make Christians but to edify Christians already made."

"Certainly we do not want men to allow their Christianity to flow over into their political life, for the establishment of anything like a really just society would be a major disaster."

"I have found a passage in a Christian writer where he recommends his own version of Christianity on the ground that 'only such a faith can outlast the death of old cultures and the birth of new civilisations.' You see the little rift? 'Believe this, not because it's true, but for some other reason.' That's the game."